Core Collection: Earrings, Stacks of Potential

Stacked gold hoop and stud earrings on a female model
Stacking earrings allows for versatility in styling your collection, requiring only an eye for balance in the curation of your look.

As a first rule, as you move up the ear, choose to stack your selection of earrings from largest to smallest, starting with a drop earring and working upwards to a close-fitting huggie or simple stud for a considered waterfall silhouette.


set of stacked gold earrings on a model


For a more minimalist look, stack similar earring designs, such as hoops, where proportions can be the subtle differentiator to achieve a less uniform look. Consider pairing inflated huggie hoops which offers volume and graduate down to a classic large hoop at the lobe in a finer width, all within one precious metal for a cohesive finish.


886 stacked gold earrings on a model


An alternative is to work from statement pieces up to less intricate designs for a maximalist look; avoid pairing similar-sized pieces but instead experiment with texture to create impact as you descend down the ear, consider a centrepiece of Pavé hoop or a shoulder-grazing long drop to achieve a high octane impact and play with mixed metal styling in increasing visibility of your stacked pieces.

On Trend This Season


The Enlarged Hoop

In 2023, oversized jewellery has become the ultimate staple trend, dominating the fashion scene with its bold and timeless appeal. These Enlarged Hoops effortlessly elevate any outfit, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to both casual and formal ensembles. Whether in gold, silver, or adorned with intricate designs, the Enlarged Hoop Earring is a must-have accessory for anyone seeking to make a statement this year.