Nature Series: Summer on the shores of Dover

Summer on the shores of Dover
This month’s Nature Series photo diary is set along the shores of Dover. Through this unique landscape we bring luxury jewellery pieces to life by revealing the inspiration, heritage, and craftsmanship of 886 by The Royal Mint, whilst also highlighting our commitment to sustainable practices in stunning natural settings.

This month our collection takes place along the coastline of Kent, surrounded by fresh water and fallen chalk, creating smooth, organic rock formations. Immersed with summer colours, in this shoot we juxtapose our British craftsmanship with the iconic white cliffs bordering the English Channel.

Pieces manufactured at The Royal Mint in Wales use striking, whereby up to 350 tonnes of weight is applied to metal, turning it into liquid. Our craftsmen can move the metal in any direction, removing all traces of air or impurities, resulting in high quality pieces. It is a manufacturing method which is truly unique to The Royal Mint.
The caustics included on our cufflinks are inspired by a coin-making security feature and are only achievable through striking. The technique uses light to reveal hidden designs, as seen on this formation of white rock, where the tower and crosslet is reflected. It is the first time that this innovative technology has been used at The Royal Mint.

Our high-shine pieces achieve their lustre not only through our unique striking methods, but also thanks to the hand-polishing finishes of our craftsmen.

Photographer, Daniel Benson
Set Designer, Tors Beedles