Nature Series: Dungeness

This month's nature series captured our Tutamen Collection against the captivating backdrop of Dungeness, a coastal headland in Kent, England, renowned for its unique landscape and National Nature Reserve status.

Dungeness is a haven of biodiversity, boasting vast shingle beaches, marshes, and a plethora of unique flora and fauna. The remarkable headland is also home to the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, which stands as an iconic landmark against the rugged beauty of the landscape. 



Our new collection draws inspiration from our coin-making heritage, combining references from 17th Century and 20th Century designs, re-imagined as contemporary luxury jewellery.




The new Tutamen collection celebrates the heritage of The Royal Mint, taking inspiration from the fascinating backstory behind the milled edge, used on British coinage from the 1660s.

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The new Tutamen jewellery range takes its name from the Latin inscription ‘Decus et Tutamen’ which first appeared on the edge of 17th century British coins, translating as ‘an ornament and a safeguard’.