Introducing the 886 by The Royal Mint 2024 Quarter Sovereign Spinner, available in sustainably sourced 18ct e-waste gold and sterling x-ray silver.



The rich history of The Sovereign Spinner is intricately woven with the legacy of the Royal Mint, where the first Sovereign was struck in 1489 by order of King Henry VII.

As Britain’s most famous coin The Sovereign is considered the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, with a long reputation for dependability, it is seen by many as a symbol of safety in uncertain times. The Sovereign’s specification is protected by an Act of Parliament which ensures an unsurpassable guarantee of accuracy to investors and collectors, earning its reputation as the “Chief Coin of The World”.

Since 1817, Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic St George and the dragon has traditionally appeared on the reverse of The Sovereign apart from on a few select occasions.

Spinning jewellery itself can be traced back to ancient civilisations, including the Greeks and Romans who crafted spinning rings and pendants as decorative adornments and symbols of status. These pieces often featured engraved designs or inscriptions that held personal significance.

During the Victorian era spinning jewellery experienced a resurgence as sentimental jewellery became highly sought after, spinning rings adorned with gemstones and engraved messages gained prominence as tokens of affection and keepsakes.

It was around this time that Sovereign Coins were incorporated into spinner necklaces – Sovereigns held considerable value and were often used as symbols of wealth and prestige, adding a touch of luxury and historical significance to the classic spinning pendant.

Spinner necklaces experienced another revival during the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s when aesthetics favoured geometric designs and bold, stylised motifs, influencing the design of spinner necklaces during this time. The spinning mechanism added a fun, interactive
element to the jewellery, captivating wearers, and observers alike.

In contemporary times, Sovereign Spinners continue to captivate jewellery enthusiasts with their blend of heritage and functionality which serve as both fashionable accessories and cherished heirloom jewellery, connecting wearers to their personal histories and the broader narrative of jewellery craftsmanship.